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About us

Ident. num. 256 99 792                Tax num. CZ – 256 99 792
Registered at Commercial Register administered by Municipal court in Prague , section C , entry 62314

  • Building of new constructions, design, reconstructions and removing of constructions
  • Purchase – sale
  • Arrangement
  • Marketing – publicity

Company was founded in 1998 and its main specialization is building of constructions, partial or complete reconstructions of buildings and keeping of flats.

Our aims are cooperation in EU, improving efectivity of work and providing profesional complete services in construction industry

Company services

  • Complete construction services, including demolitions
  • Reconstructions of histocial buildings of all cathegory, including conservation of scupltures and frescos
  • Painting and house painting services
  • Complete keeping of flats
  • Keeping of vegetations
  • Manual excavation work
  • Locksmith´s and welder´s work
  • Carpenter´s, tiler´s and metalworker´s work
  • Moving of houses and flats
  • Transportation around CR (max. 3,5 tons)
  • Contractual and law service
  • Commercial and marketing counselling
  • Vacation of flats, houses, lofts and cellars

Law service

  • Contractual services
  • Making of contracts for particular constructions
  • Law  counselling during realization of particular constructions
  • Consultations